Malibu, California

Dear Readers, 
I have returned to Malibu from London.  What a wonderful trip and a long flight.  London was alive with the wet spatter of black English taxis as they hurried their occupants to engagements and the thrill of twinkling Christmas lights to counter the chill having crept permanently into the winter air.  The British were all wrapped up in coats, scarves, smiles, and witty banter.  Harrods still stands as this grand monument of a timeless department store that carries within it all the luxueries you could possibly hope to afford.  The Miu Miu purse collection colours countered every drab colour just outside the revolving entrance doors and the perfume room was so alive with too generous spritzs I could not breathe.  The tea on the third floor Café was delicious and they even got the temperature of the water below the approximate boil so not to burn the tongue.
I loved the white, architecturally-pleasing buildings of South Kensington lined with black doors and brass knockers centered perfectly in the lower middle, and just below that are the brass mail slits to recieve the official Royal Post.  Hyde Park brought a spring to my step and it has not lost its charm of putting a pleasant rouge colour in the cheeks and a grin because of all the dogs that run free chasing birds and returning to sit at attention to their Barbour jacket and Hunter Wellington Boot-clad owners.
The National Gallery was a repreieve from the damp day (as usual) and Joseph Mallord William Turner’s 1839 The Fighting Temeraire still hangs in all its glory (James Bond, in the new Skyfall even sits to admire the painting before his mission!). Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Two Crabs remind me how his technique of adoring colour with heavy strokes and thick (although accurate) application of oil can never get old (also becuase it was the most crowded room it appeared).  Also, another favorite, Peter Paul Rubens’s grand Samson and Delilah looked lovely in the brilliant gold, ruby, and purple featured colours.  After purchasing a plethora of postcards and a few books, I reemerged to honking cars, red double-decked buses, and the Trafalger Square courtyard to make my way to Regent’s Street for a look at the lights and bustle.
In the next couple weeks, I look forward to sharing with you many inspirations I had along the way – on art, fashion, food, family, and faith – and new ones, too. A final thought, as the Christmas Holiday unfolds, remember not to rush so much you forget what is most important, in it all, love.

Photo. A lucky candid.  Just when I emerged from Harrods one evening to join the rush home on Brompton Road, a rare winter sunset split through the sky in a watercolour-pink brilliance.  I love the biker carefully making his way home, the end of a fashionable taxi turned to pick up a passanger, and the way the sky reflects on the pavement because of the earlier rainshower.

Photo. Hyde Park aglow with brilliant verdant grass and gay yellow leaves, two dogs and their owners walking along the path further along, and benches lining one walk perfect for a stop to rest.

Photo. All smiles in my warm aubergine Barbour jacket and Hunter boots after a jaunt in the English countryside.  White Ralph Lauren breeches and Abercrombie knitted mittens to complete my look.  If only there had been a horse nearby…

Do you love London? What about it do you love? Share with me in a comment below.

God Bless you all,
Emily Rose Reeder

© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved


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