Malibu, California

Dear Reader,
In April 2010, I went on an expedition to the rooftop of the world – Tibet. I remember so well the taste of warm yak butter tea in the morning, the thick smell of incense burned in the Tibetan Buddhist temples, and the general sense of awe I found having gone halfway across the world to experience a place I had only read and dreamed about. Tonight I thought of Tibet again, as I often do when I want to let my mind wander a bit to memories past. I thought I would share a piece of my journey there, here with you.

Photo.  Canteens being sold; filled with steaming tea, salt, and yak butter swirled in.

Photo.  Pounds of rich yellow yak butter sit on the seller’s table for purchase.

Photo. Rose in Zara floral print blouse and a traditional white Tibetan scarf.  Tea leaves in bins behind at the Barkhor Market; Lhasa, Tibet.
Have you traveled to Asia as a foreigner? What was it like for you? Share with me in a comment below.
To the explorer in you, even if it is a short jaunt in your dreams, 
Emily Rose
© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

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