London, England

Dear Readers, 
23rd of July, 2013. It was such a thrilling day. Matthew and I woke up early not knowing when William and Catherine would appear with their little one, so we hurried along the Central Line Tube to Lancaster Gate and walked from there to St. Mary’s Hospital adjacent to the Paddington Train Station. There was speculation that she would be discharged from the hospital late morning, early afternoon. Matthew studied for his last Summer Law School Final standing next to me while we took in our surroundings at the Lindo Wing Entrance. Things were really shaping up and the press were building their metal ladder mountain. Many more people were there and the increased police force was significant. Overnight they had added a number of new barricades. The police kept small thoroughfares open as best as they could so if you walked past certain points that opened to the street you could see the entrance to the Lindo Wing easily. You could not stay there, however.

Everyone was excited and happy. The hospital, as it is, is a working one and so employees and patients would make their way in and around the crowds throughout the day. We were there around 9 or 10am and by then the clouds darkened and the rain came. Umbrellas sprouted up everywhere like flowers opening to the sun, and the press hunkered down doing their best to save their equipment, cameras, laptops, mics, and everything else from the downpour. I found the whole thing rather funny and it was generally a good day for everyone so spirits were high regardless, including the press, who would finally be relieved of their long vigil.

We finally got notice from the Press that they would not appear until 18:00 or so that night, so I left for home. Matthew had already gone on a bit earlier to South Kensington to go take his three-hour law final.  I returned a little before 17:00, and stayed for the next two and a half hours. Matthew finished his exam at 17:00 and joined me around 17:45 having walked through Hyde Park to get there.  St. Mary’s is north of Hyde Park. I was perched on the west side of the street and by the time most of the crowds came, 18:30 or so, I had managed to make my way up a winding stairs for a better view that had been kept clear until the very last minute the security decided to let us go up to a certain point. Yay!  Thank you.

Matthew was below me, and making jokes with the Australian newscast. Everyone was in good humour. After a few small bursts of rain, everyone started asking the press along the road to take their umbrellas down so they could see. When they eventually did, everyone cheered and then other people from the opposite side of the street would put their cameras up because they thought it was William and Catherine coming out. Everyone laughed then.

At about 19:11, William and Catherine emerged from the Wing. Both in baby blue, it was perfectly symbolic of their new little baby boy. Catherine looked fantastic to have just given birth, she is SO naturally beautiful, and as some news have complimented her, she showed her post-partem bump that is a totally natural part of after-birth. Good for her and such a healthy model for women around the globe.

It was awesome to see them in real time, and they were, as it is, so famous, but very humble and youthful. There was no airs, but a real sense of thanks for all the Hospital had done for them, and for everyone out there to support them on such a happy day. After they stood on the steps, they went right down to the press pen, and everyone was able to get a better look. When they went back inside, and reemerged this time to leave, I remember William nearly getting into the driver’s seat and as if remembered, popped back out to wave thanks to the staff on either side of the Wing’s entrance. You could tell they were grateful, which their press statements to the hospital, and all, confirm. I imagined as William waved a final wave then, his mother would have been so proud, and watched over them both this whole journey through.

As they drove off, everyone cheered. As Matthew and I walked away hand in hand, a French newscast asked to interview us. We will probably never see the reel, but it was fun to give our first and lasting impressions about the whole affair.  Enjoy the photos below!

 Photo. Early in the day, two young boys waving flags given out by The Sun press. It was so cute, the young boy wearing a gold-paper crown!
Photo. St. Mary’s Hospital, London, England. Lindo Wing’s street. Every inch possible where you could stand would be filled with people by the actual day of event, including the red bridge uptop most likely filled with staff to watch from above.
Photo. At the Lindo Wing a few weeks earlier, but a view from the opposite side of the street from where I took all my photos of the actual event.
Photo. The Step-ladder mountain.

Photo. A friendly policeman offering his hand to help a lady across the street. I snapped this photo just in time. Such a kind gesture.

Photo. Pour at St. Mary’s.  The policeman is getting drenched out there in the street.

Photo. Fox News in blue and white along the street outside Lindo Wing.
Photo. A father drove up in his Maserati to collect his wife and their newborn, a Lindo Wing Birth no doubt. The baby was beautiful.
Photo. More rain falls later in the day, but only very light this time.
Photo.  Emilyrose, just taking it all in. I got really lucky with a perfect perch on a winding stairs up to the opposite building of the Lindo Wing. I could see everything and when the final crowds came and scrunched everyone in until there was no more room to budge, I felt especially lucky to be right up there to witness the historical event.
Photo. Crowds closing in below me, nearly time, approx. 18:40.

Photo. Prince Charles and Camilla paid a visit to see the newborn for the first time. They arrived in a blue jaguar and were not in for long. Here, you see, they are departing the Wing.

Photo. Camilla smiles as she gets back in the car.

Photo. An Australian newscaster putting on the final touches for his live broadcast. At this point, it was  oddly fairly quiet, and comments people made in the crowd where we were could be heard by everyone. I am fairly sure someone joked about his final make-up application.
Photo. This time people were laughing and grumbling as a man picked up his dog with a muzzle on and tried to push through the crowd. The dog looked utterly helpless and his paws kept touching people on their backs. Hahaha.
Photo. A stroller crowd surfing.
Photo. The LandRovers arrived 19:00!  They were there for William and Catherine!
Photo. The crowd went wild with enthusiasm. William and Catherine quite literally beamed, Catherine glowed, and their little newborn not more than 27 hours old had his hands up waving back. It was precious, and such a real experience for everyone, including them. We felt that they were genuinely touched, and seemed to push past the barriers of Royals and Press and Public. Catherine just endured labour, and every woman felt for her in some way or another. William was a new father and every man felt for him in some way or another. It was humbling, because no matter what, we are all human and experience family and the highs and lows of life, the good and the bad, at every stage.
Photo.  William waved to me. “Oh hey, Emilyrose! Thanks for coming!”
Photo. “Congratulations, William and Catherine!” everyone seemed to say.
Photo.  In a swift moment that seemed to catch everyone by surprise, William took his little boy and brought him down off the steps with Catherine to the press pen. They stood there and talked, answering the press fielding questions about their first impressions and general thoughts. It was really neat that they did that. It brought a lot of fulfillment to hear from them in person; of course, I got to hear their actual comments later when I read the news online.
Photo. You can see to your right as well, the two barricades closest and with a small group of people that flanked the Lindo Wing were all St. Mary’s Hospital Staff. The staff came out about 45 minutes before, saw Charles and Camilla come and go, and were all there to witness the actual event.
Photo. Joy, Prince George!
Photo. One of my favorite photos because Catherine was talking and said something in good humor.
Photo. They exited briefly back into the Wing to return with their little one in his carseat.
Photo. Coming out one last time to drive away from the Hospital, everyone was cheering.
Photo.  William was in such a good mood. Here he made the gesture as if to say, “Whew, I buckled him in the seat properly!”
Photo. William wanted to drive his Princess away with their new little one himself, I like that.
Photo. The crowds gathered in as close as they could to the cars to wish them good-bye.
Photo. Adieu. Happy life, William, Catherine, and George!
What do you love about Duchess Catherine and her recent pregnancy? Share with me in a comment below.
Joy and Blessings, 
Emily Rose Reeder
Please note: On this special, world-broadcasted occasion, all these photos are my own personal candids. Should you like re-production or use, you may contact me directly. 
All photos are copyright of Emily Rose Schiller, “Rose Knows.”
© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

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