London, England

Dear Readers,
Matthew, my husband, and I went to Borough Market in London on Saturday for a foodie expedition. If you get a chance to go, while in the city to visit, or staying awhile, it is worth a trip to this East London gem. Go hungry. Below I have the pleasure to share with you our adventure in pictures and captions. I am just loving the vibrant colour palette showcased in the fresh produce, heirloom varieties, homemade desserts, and interesting delicacies we saw, smelled, and/or tasted.

 Photo. God made all this. It is so perfect.
 Photo. Chegworth Valley Farm Stand. Artisan English Apple juice and Cidres in London are about as easy to come by as water from the tap. Here is the sustenance behind the refreshing drinks.
Chegworth Valley Farm
 Photo. Fresh-pressed! So awesome!!
 Photo. Certified organic produce from a local British farm. Simply sauteed would make for a perfect complimentary dish to any meal. “If organic farming is the natural way, shouldn’t organic produce just be called “produce” and make the pesticide-laden stuff take the burden of an adjective?” [Ymber Delecto].
 Photo. Macaroon-therapy. Scientifically-proven to immediately boost your mood (i.e. sugar rush).

Photo. You can open this jar and smell the truffles!

Photo. White Truffle Honey. Honey infused with the effusive white truffle from Northern Italy, a speciality product that would probably be delicious with roasted chicken.

Photo. Mushroom varieties, Chestnut and White Shimeji. The Chestnut is popular in Europe and is said to have a strong, nutty flavour. The White Shimeji is native to the East, always best cooked, and has a crunchy texture with a slightly nutty flavour.

Photo. Wild Beef West Country Farm Shop. The finest organically-produced and procured meats. I pray this kind of sustainable and ethical husbandry continues to grow and spread around the globe.
Wild Beef West Country Farm Shop

Photo. “Have a taste!” I recall being particularly amazed by these massive curry pots when I first came to Borough Market in 2009…and I still am.

Photo. Hotel Chocolate’s The Rabot Estate. This permanent store is an oasis for gourmet chocolate lovers. Matthew and I lathered the Cocoa Juvenate Revive Body Butter on our hands. It is an organic product made with Indian cocoa butter and Moroccan Argan Oil. It felt heavenly on the hands and has a perfect perfume.

Photo. This is Neal’s Yard Dairy – a shop a hop from the actual Borough Market – home to a variety of specialty, hearty cheeses. I loved the child who put his shirt over his head when he walked in with his mother – perhaps not too familiar with the cheesy fragrance exuding all-around.

Photo. Neal’s Yard Dairy. Brie de Meaux, a creamy, delicate cheese named for where it originated, the French town of Meaux in the Brie Region. A bit of history, in 1815, the French diplomat by the name of Talleyrand hoped to ease some tension in the lengthy proceedings of the Congress of Vienna by hosting a cheese sampling. Brie de Meaux was sampled and crowned “king of cheeses” by Talleyrand.

Photo. Neal’s Yard Dairy. Sparkenhoe Leicester Variety. A cheese in rich copper colour that gets its colouring from annatto, a natural vegetable colouring. It is produced in Leicestershire (central England); said to be good with a brown ale, this cheese is balanced and fulfilling.

Photo. Thick, creamy yogurt with British berries at their sweetest this late summer season. 

 Photo. Also sold at Neal’s Yard Dairy, St. John’s Bakery doughnuts filled with Crème Pâtissière and artisan granola.

Photo. Candid says it all.

Photo. The festive scene at Borough Market.

Photo. Borough Market is housed in this glass and steel building, many areas with vendors who have permanent stalls to return to every week when the market is open.

Photo. Somebody very cool rode their red Vespa to the Borough to pick up flowers for their special someone.

Photo. These people were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and much to the amusement of the rest of us.

Photo. After also visiting Germany, I can affirm that this is staying true to the typical German-style cake using a fresh yogurt/cream curd to create a fruity, cheesecake-like delight.

Photo. Blocks of Chocolate Fudge Brownies for sale immediately devouring. Oh, God, help me.

Photo. After the Market, Matthew and I walked along the River Thames on an unusually sunny and warm day in London. What a terrific experience.

What do you like to buy at your local farmer’s market? Share with me in a comment below.

Enjoy Life, Find Delight in the Small Things,
Emily Rose Reeder

© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “BOROUGH MARKET

  1. Fantastic photos of the Borough Market. I am hungry now after seeing all those delightful snacks. The Borough Market could give Buy-Rite in Milford a run for their money…NOT. Did your little mouse get a piece of cheese? Thanks for your sharing your day trip with all of us! SReed


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