London, England
Dear Reader, 
It is just one of those things I love to do, discover new things and share them with you. My six favorites from explorations around London as the weather just dropped into the Autumnal notches:
WHAT. Super Organic Grocery, Smoothie/Greens Juice Bar, and Lunch Bar/Deli.
WHERE. 42 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH [four other city+greater London locations; also grocery deliveries].
WHY. Planet Organic does Greens Juice right with the freshest produce-presse, easy addition of a wheatgrass shot to the usual greens (and other superfoods), and their lunch offerings are fairly tasty too. The store is stocked with all the necessities for grocery shopping, and offer a wide selection of hard-to-find food products that Whole Foods might not necessarily carry. They also carry beauty products, eco-cleaning supplies, little baby goods, and other great necessities.

Photo. Pumpkins and other fruitful produce on display at Planet Organic’s Westbourne Grove location.

WHAT. Organic Sparkling Lemon
WHERE. Whole Foods High Street Kensington, The Barker’s Building – 63 Kensington High Street W8 5SE.
WHY. This lovely drink packs a lip-smacking punch, and for Londoners hard at work, the lemon, herbal tang gives an instant pick-me-up to even the dreariest office day.
Photo. Great chilled in the fridge first.

3. Otto Pizza

WHAT. Wholesome, no-nonsense, original pizza with some local beer on tap.
WHERE. A bit off the beaten path, 6 Chepstow Road just off Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill (delivery, too).
WHY. If you want a GOOD pizza that resembles or tastes nothing like greasy, slimy fast food pizza this is your place. Rustic, smoked, crunchy crust taste with the finest local and artesian toppings. In addition, if you ask my friend Candace, the best chocolate-chip cookie ice cream sandwich is made to just-barely-melting-when-the-dessert-reaches-your-table perfection here.
WHAT. Real British Milk turned Frozen Yogurt (oh my goodness, now how ridiculous is it that most frozen yogurts tempting you out there are made from cheap, rehydrated powder? Let us all get real and buy real.)
WHERE. Notting Hill, Chelsea, Islington, Topshop Oxford Circus, and Heathrow Terminal 5.
WHY. Plain frozen yogurt or their passionfruit-flavour variety never fails my tastebuds, and topped with raspberries and mochi, deelicious with two e’s. Disclaimer: I know I mentioned it is Autumn, but yogurt is actually pretty nice on a sore throat.

Photo. Courtesy of FRAE Frozen Yogurt’s Official Website.
5. English National Ballet
WHAT. Adult Ballet Classes
WHERE. Markova House, 39 Jay Mews, London SW7 2ES.
WHY. If you love Ballet, perhaps did it when you were younger or simply admire the art and want to try it yourself, here is an amazing opportunity to learn with the English National Ballet in South Kensington. You can sign up for a reasonable term price and be taught by professional ENB instructors in their spacious studios. They are widely popular classes for the people who do know about them, so you have to sign up quickly when the classes open up spaces online to secure your spot. I was fortunate to secure a spot in a couple classes for the Fall Term, and I am super excited for the classes to begin this coming second week in October.

6. Prestat Chocolate
WHAT. Prestat’s vegan chocolate truffle varieties, especially the Dark Choco. Raspberry flavour
WHERE. Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road; or Whole Foods High Street Kensington
WHY. Prestat is Royalty-approved and even this stigma, like it or not, means it is worthy.

What new thing have you discovered lately? Share with me in a comment below.

Emily Rose Reeder

© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “6 LONDON SECRETS

  1. Dear Rose, there was an idea popping in my head – “Have you thought about asking restaurants, hotels, or some other industries that you like for hiring you as a professional blogger?” I think you can do the best job!! – Wei


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