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Getting creative for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner is often a bit difficult considering the circumstances for many lifestyles. We are often out all day, tied up in business, errands, and/or at work where there is limited cooking options (much less cooking anything worthy in a brief break, prep and clean-up too). Also, in the place of a stove at work is a microwave which defeats every purpose of preparing a balanced meal in the first place by nuking the nutrients out of everything (my advice, fast from the M.W. for life; toaster ovens are the terrific alternative). Some lifestyles do work at home and have the luxury of a stove at hand, but prefer to grab for the tub of organic sheep yogurt and raspberry granola (like me) a little too often.
So, Matthew and I put together a delicious little combination (like Ramen-noodles, organic-style) of soup and noodles and fresh greens that you can prepare even when you are utterly exhausted and prefer a “mindless cooking affair”. You will have to consider when you can make this, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, given the time and tools you have in your life. Also, once you purchase these groceries (besides the fresh produce), the spices and sauces particularly will last you a long time so it is always worth the organic investment. I promise you will find this simple meal a delightfully healing and delicious departure from your usual whatever-that-is, and leave you feeling warm and full.
Dry Goods.
Biona Organic Asian Noodles
Kallo, The Original Vegetable Stock [Yeast, Gluten, and Lactose Free]; Organic version not shown in photo below of groceries, but available on Kallo’s website as link provides.
Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
Lima Salade Du Pechéur Flakes  (Seaweed Flakes)
Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper Spice
Clearspring, Organic Japanese Shoyu Soya Sauce
[Note: These specific grocery labels were found at the Whole Foods, London, High Street Kensington; living in other parts of the world, you will have to find your own substitutes to hopefully match these. Always read ingredient labels and know that nowadays ‘natural’ or ‘green’-looking packaging can be a facade for what ingredients are actually listed]. 
Fresh Produce.
Bunch of Organically-grown Kale (or already prepped is fine too).

Awesome Additions. 

1. Pour spring water into a ceramic, glass, or porcelain cereal bowl almost to the top (the quick way to measure). Now pour that water into a skillet or small cooking pot. Bring the water to a boil. [Some of the water will naturally evaporate, you may or may not need to add a little more water].
2. Once the water is at a rolling boil, add a Kallo’s Vegetable Stock bouillon to the pot, one square of noodles, a pinch of Himalayan pink crystal salt, and a 1/2 – 1 tspn of Lima’s Salade Du Pechéur Seaweed Flakes. Optional awesome additions you would add now too: Fresh ginger root slices and 3-4 small broccoli pieces [so yes, most veggies are best steamed, but that is in part because many nutrients are lost when boiled (they go in the water), so I figure because I am drinking the broth it is ok to add them to the stock this time, and overall, better to have than not at all.]
3. Boil for four to five minutes, can bring down to simmer if boiling gets out of hand. Noodles will become perfectly soft and supple.
4. Nearly finished cooking (at about four minute mark), add the rotisserie chicken pieces and goji berries to the pot (to avoid cooking them for too long to maintain most nutrients).
5. Turn off heat, and pour soup and noodles into your cereal bowl (Note: No plastic or styrofoam bowls! they leach toxic materials into your food especially when reacting with high heat). Add a couple dashes of the salty Clearspring Shoyu sauce to the soup.
6. Finally, add a little olive oil or coconut oil to the empty pot or skillet with a pinch of pink crystal salt, and gently reheat while adding the freshly ripped-up kale (cleaned, rinsed of excess water, and stripped of stalks, too). Sauté until bright green and soft on about medium heat; transfer to a plate, sprinkle with Shoyu sauce.

Photo. A simple meal, complete.

Photo. Groceries.

What is your favorite simple meal? Share with me in a comment below.

To Your Good Health and Well-being,
Emily Rose

© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

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