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Ibiza (spelled “Eivissa” in Catalan) is an island located along the gorgeous chain of Balearic Islands off the eastern coast of Spain.  Properly pronounced “Ee-bee-tha,” this treasure of an island is perhaps best known for its festive island party life. On our plane from London on a Thursday night, the Brits were already mingling in the trim British Airways aisles. The best of the best from “Rose Knows” Travel – Ibiza Edition.
[Please Note: When writing under the main topics such as “TO VISIT” my travel guide list is not exhaustive, nor will it be inclusive (more like fastidious), but rather what is recommended meets my standard of quality, and worth the time and cost. In most circumstances, I will note if I recommend something although I have not experienced it personally. In the event we are talking about the serious matter of nourishment – I strive for recommending sources that are healthy, gourmet, organic and/or procure local gastronomy with artesian ingredients and superb taste].
LANGUAGE. Catalan (with native dialect “Eivissenc”) and Spanish.
Dalt Vila. Located on Ibiza’s southeast coast, Ibiza’s Old Town is indeed the oldest part of the island and is home to a fortified acropolis (Alta Villa) which preserves, according to its UNESCO World Heritage Status, ‘The successive imprints of the earliest Phoenicians settlements and the Arab and Catalan periods through the Renaissance bastions; an outstanding example of Renaissance military architecture, this fortification had profound influence on the development of fortifications in the Spanish settlements of the New World.’ Dalt Vila is home to many restaurants and shops as well; worth walking around and exploring.
Ibiza Horse Valley. Horse treks with David and Monique in the Sant Joan region of Ibiza. Met David and Monique in the little town of Sant Joan and drove up to Horse Valley from the Main Street.
Formentera. A little, gorgeous sister island to Ibiza. We never got to go because of time, but our hotel offered inexpensive boat charters that would take you there for the day and back; Matthew’s Law Professor Amanda Padoan, who has traveled extensively and has excellent taste, recommended visiting. I second that and recommend because from photos and reviews, it looks like a great day trip for sun and delightful beach surprises.
Playa Figueretas. Quiet water to swim, and inexpensive hotels on off-season.
Playa d’en Bossa. Long beach great for a walk and a number of famous clubs dot this area.

Playa de Ses Selinas (aka Las Salinas). Beach with lounge chairs starting at 10, and restaurants on the beach [Note: No matter the season, a beach not without a few host of men and women crazily dressed (or not dressed) to promote the Night Clubs around the island].

[Note: Due to highs and lows with tourist seasons, some restaurants are closed in certain months. Check before setting out.]
Passion. Avenida Playa den Bossa (opposite Club, Space), Ibiza 07800 OR Paseo Juan Carlos Primero, 23 Edificio Mediteraneo Ibiza 07800. We had greens juice and acai bowls for breakfast, and delicious sandwiches and salads for lunch and dinner here. It is a hip organic establishment with excellent options and a one-of-a-kind for Europe (we appreciate California’s readily accessible greens juices and quinoa/kale dishes everywhere, more now than before we traveled this extensively).

Out of Time. Dalt Villa. Plaza del Parque 07800 Ibiza. Not on any maps I could find, but offers fresh-pressed greens juices and smoothies, and late lunch. Juices were good, did not try the lunch.
Malibu Beach Club. Las Salinas Beach. Far overpriced [Note: in Europe, they often charge you for bread and bring it out regardless; if you really do not want it (or to pay for it) say so] but worth my list because the paella was delicious, and our table was nestled in the corner of the restaurant with an open-air view to the sandy beach, salty air, and splashing waves.

Sabores Naturales, “Om Sweet Home.” Within the little Main Town of Sant Joan would ideally be a great place to eat before or after a horseback ride with Horse Valley. Fresh juices and homemade, organic pizzas. Never did get to eat here, but foodie worthy.
La Paloma. Small village of San Lorenzo. Organic greens juice and all the lovely Mediterranean fare done right. Never made it here, but was on my list to drop by. Next time!
The Giri Cafe. Also within the Main Square of San Juan village, “Ibiza’s bohemian north.” Not open during the winter, but appeared foodie worthy.
Natural Eivissa. Dalt Villa. Plaza del Parque 1 07800 Ibiza OR Vía Púnica, 49 07800 Ibiza.  A sweet young woman ran the shop at Plaza del Parque when we stopped in. She told me the story about how she used to come this shop when she was a little girl and buy the caramel candies they sold, and now, to her surprise, she works here. I treasured the connection I made with this beautiful local when she told me a little piece of her life. Has a bit of everything, the wonderful Solan De Cabras water, and some great staples for an organic breakfast on the balcony of your beach hotel. 😉

Photo. Nearing the end of a gorgeous ride in the mountainous Sant Joan in the northern region of Ibiza’s island, all thanks to my husband for planning the surprise ride for me and the lovely David and Monique of Ibiza Horse Valley.
Photo. A long stretch of beach called Playa d’en Bossa; Matthew relaxed and enjoying the day fading away not far from the famous hotel and club, Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. 
Photo. Las Salinas. With such inexhaustible beauty, this photo is a consistent reminder to me of the majesty of God’s Creation. It is my passion to remind you that we must make a concerted, ethical effort everyday to do something positive for the planet – for people, animals, plants, soil, and water!
Photo. Matthew, honeycomb, a homemade muffin, and Solan de Cabras water from the lovely little Biologica store called Natural Eivissa [located conveniently in Ibiza’s Dalt Villa (Old Town)].
Photo. There was talk of Seaside Paella…and there was lots to be had. At Las Salinas we ate at the Malibu Beach Club. The seafood paella was rich with a creamy saffron-coloured sauce and complimented perfectly by the salty air and open view of the ocean from our table. Very relaxing. I treasured the quality time I was able to spend with Matthew.
Photo. A candid of the Aqua Bus making an early evening dock landing, walking back to Playa Figueretas from Playa d’en Bossa.
Photo. The view from our hotel looking out at Playa Figueretas. Early every morning after the sun had risen, a few local elderly women met here to wade and swim together, swim bonnets and all. The precious moments we witness in life…

Photo. Another view of Playa Figueretas with a good glimpse of the swimming, around the land mass to the left is Dalt Villa.

Photo. The sun sets in Ibiza.

Photo. Sabores Naturales’ yellow mobile in Sant Joan.

Photo. Before we went riding, we happened upon Sant Joan’s Main Street Market. Here, some true ecological baked goods whipped up lovingly by some delightful Sant Joan locals.

Photo. Sant Joan de Labritja Church (Saint John the Baptist). Authorized to be built in 1726, and declared a Parish in 1785, this little Church serves the local community. Open all year round.

Photo. Horse Valley. Here the horses run in a herd, and follows the wisdom that horses are herd animals and are the happiest and healthiest when free to move constantly, interact, and develop a safe and mannerly hierarchy. Horses are commonly found to do better in this type of environment. They will often develop less vices (while still worked consistently by their owners), have less illness, improves hoof density, and are more reliable under saddle.

Photo. Clown in the middle, splashed by a ray of light in the peaceful Horse Valley. Here is also visible the constant interaction between horses in the herd.
Photo. This is a typical friendly pose for two horses put out together, and within a herd. It is convenient in that all directions are visible, the horses can casually groom the other’s back, and swat flies off the face with their tails.
Photo. Clown nearly tacked up and ready for the ride, Rose happy to be in her element.

Photo. The lovely Monique leads the way.

Photo. Near the end of our ride, a view from the top of the ocean blue.
Photo. No better way to cool off after a long day grooming horses, tacking up, and riding out than an organic “Oreo” cookie milkshake and a pure pressed green’s juice from the none other than, Passion Restaurant at their Playa d’en Bossa location.

Photo. One night, we ate at Passion‘s Peurto de Ibiza location (opposite the Port from Dalt Villa) where we enjoyed a delicious, hearty quinoa and feta salad and grilled turkey mozzarella sandwich.

Photo. The lights were dimmed, candles shone, and the ambience mingled with our delight at the organic apple pie for dessert.

Photo. Very close to where we stayed, the Hotel Es Vive looked fun and inviting. A block from the water.

Have you traveled to a Spanish island or along the Spanish coast? What is your favorite place? Share with me in a comment below.

Take Time to Relax Today,
Emily Rose Reeder
© by Emily Rose Reeder, est. 2012. All Rights Reserved

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  1. Nice suggestions. Great stories and photos. Feel like I was there with you guys. After seeing that photo of the “Oreo” cookie milkshake at the Passion Restaurant I want to go grab a Blizzard! Are there any fun boot camps on that Playa Figueretas beach?


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